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Did You Know?


WB01501_.gif (476 bytes)  More women die each year from hip fractures related to osteoporosis than from breast cancer, uterine cancer, and ovarian cancer combined.

WB01501_.gif (476 bytes)  Even low-intensity exercise like walking can add years to your life.  In a 12-year study of 700 retired men in their 60's, 70's, and 80's, those who logged two miles a day cut their risk of dying almost in half, compared with those who walked less than one mile.  The more the men walked, the greater the benefit.

WB01501_.gif (476 bytes)  A potato eaten with the skin provides just under five grams of fiber.  A potato eaten without the skin contributes about two grams of fiber.

WB01501_.gif (476 bytes)  Slight dehydration--the kind where you're not even thirsty yet--can cause fatigue.  Make sure to drink at least eight-12 cups (4-6 glasses) of fluid throughout the day for healthy hydration.  Try to make at least 4 of those cups (2 glasses) good old water and 8 cups plain water is best.  Fluids include juices, milk, tea & coffee, flavored beverages, and soft drinks, actually anything liquid at room temperature like gelatin,  soup or ice cream.  Avoid added flavor packets containing artificial flavor or sugar substitute.  If you must flavor your water, add a few ounces of 100% pure fruit juice; it should have NO added sugars or sugar substitute.

WB01501_.gif (476 bytes)  An ounce of processed American cheese has 124 milligrams of calcium.  An ounce of natural cheddar, Monterey, or Swiss has more than 200.

WB01501_.gif (476 bytes)  Most of the nation's 25 million ulcer sufferers are unaware that ulcers are caused not by acid, stress, and spicy foods but almost always by a bacterial infection.  Many doctors don't know either, so patients are treated with acid-blocking medications for years rather than cured within 2 weeks with antibiotics.  The offending bacterium:  H.pylori.

WB01501_.gif (476 bytes)  Light and heat make spices lose flavor, color, and texture.  Put them in a cabinet (but not above the oven) rather than exposed in the spice rack.

WB01501_.gif (476 bytes)  The recent jump in obesity--up 57% in the last 10 years--is undoubtedly to blame for the sudden escalation in diabetes, including  children.  Over 20 million Americans have diabetes.

WB01501_.gif (476 bytes)  Even mineral water will interfere with the absorption of the osteoporosis drug alendronate (Fosamax).  The tablet must be swallowed with plain water.

WB01501_.gif (476 bytes)  Some soft-serve ice creams and frozen whipped toppings labeled as "Non-Dairy" may still contain casein, a milk protein that can trigger a reaction in people who are allergic to milk products.  Be sure to read the fine print on the ingredients list for "casein" or "caseinates."

WB01501_.gif (476 bytes)  Cellulite is caused by fat pushing up between connective tissue under the skin.  It does not contain "toxic body wastes" and special diets or gimmicks cannot get rid of it.  Diet and exercise are the only tried-and-true methods for getting rid of fat.




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