To function as a learning organization, utilizing the collective intelligence of our employees and consultants, based on the values of wisdom, honesty and inner awareness in order to create a constantly changing and evolving environment that promotes a sense of freedom through knowledge.



  Provide medical nutrition therapy to improve the quality of life and professional education materials to enhance the teaching experience.  We are committed to give our customers credible, reliable, and current nutrition information, guaranteed satisfaction and service with a smile.



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WB00739_.gif (727 bytes) Established: January, 1995.

WB00739_.gif (727 bytes) Owner: Kristin Finley, Registered/Licensed Dietitian
Practicing dietitian since 1991.

WB00739_.gif (727 bytes) Licensed: Texas & New Mexico

WB00739_.gif (727 bytes) Education: BS Food Science & Nutrition, New Mexico State University
MA Organizational Management, University of Phoenix.

WB00739_.gif (727 bytes) Experience:  Partial list of client settings/experience:  Physical Rehabilitation, Enteral Nutrition, Long-Term Care, Acute Care, Renal Dialysis, Head Start, Home Health, Assisted Living, Diabetes Self Management Classes & Individual Counseling, Weight Management, Wellness Workshops, Developmentally Delayed & High Risk Children, Mentally Handicapped Consumers, Outpatient Rehabilitation & Work Hardening, and Substance Abuse.


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HealthStarr Nutrition Consulting & Marketing

provides up-to-date, reliable nutrition information at your convenience from a registered, licensed dietitian rather than a web data entry employee.

 Registered dietitians are required to pass a national examination and then maintain registration status with a minimum of 75 continuing education units every five years.  That is your assurance that registered dietitians are the nutrition experts. 


WB01514_.gif (256 bytes) At the touch of a button.
WB01514_.gif (256 bytes) At YOUR convenience!
WB01514_.gif (256 bytes) At a reasonable cost.


Choose one of four information pages (Geriatric, Breast Cancer, Diabetes and Vegetarian) listed on the home page for general information or the Eat Right icon above for a copy of the food guide pyramid that fits your needs.

The monthly educations classes offer a different nutrition lesson for each month. Included with the lesson is a "Menu For The Day" and a recipe.

The Home School Curriculum Package is a nine-month curriculum of nutrition lessons to ensure accurate and reliable nutrition education for the home school child or any child.

The Lean & Mean Package is four lessons of nutrition education on low-fat meal planning to assist in achieving optimal results from the weight loss medication, Xenical, or someone trying to decrease fat intake.

 Classes and packages coming soon as E-Books.

  More below.

WB00739_.gif (727 bytes) Educational Services: We offer a variety of nutrition education some free of charge, some at a minimal cost.  See Products icon above for a more detailed description.



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